Industries & Applications

Versatile range for various Fields of applications

As a traditional production company, we are known for supplying lighting and electrical installation material on ships. Our reefer container sockets can be found on all oceans of the world. The navy relies on our products above and under water. The DGzRS (German society for the rescue of castaway) has equipped a large number of its boats with searchlights from KARL DOSE. Our explosion-proof and reliable lights can be found on tank vehicles in many places.

Here we have summarised extracts from our clientele for you to show you where our products are used.

Sea Rescue Services

A good view in all weathers and around the clock is absolutely essential for the DGzRS (German society for the rescue of castaway). This is where our searchlights come in.

Inland Water Transport

Lighting and electrical installation material from KARL DOSE should also not be missing in inland water transport.


Special lighting and electrical installation material for the exceptional requirements of the Navy.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ship operators appreciate our products for their modern design and technical reliability.

Container Ships

Since 1995 our container sockets are at home on various national and international container ships.

Research Vessels

With our searchlights and floodlights, we provide the best lighting on floating laboratories.

Pilot- & Tug Boats

Best possible visibility is essential for pilot and tug boats. When sailing in ports, rivers and lakes, our searchlights support the safe takeover of incoming and outgoing ships.

Ferries & RoRo Ships

Our reefer container sockets, floodlights and LED or fluorescent light fittings contribute to the safe and reliable transport of vehicles, goods and people.



Our EX products are designed in such a way that sparks and hot surfaces that can trigger explosions cannot get out of the product into the explosive atmosphere.