Research vessels. Scientific laboratories on the sea.

Research Vessels

Our contribution to research and environmental Protection

Research vessels are floating laboratories that perform a wide range of research tasks and are - thanks to searchlights and floodlights from KARL DOSE – perfectly illuminated at all times.

From polar research to surveying the seabed, from exploring marine biology and climate change to underwater archaeology, the tasks of research vessels are manifold. Accordingly, the demands on the lighting concept vary greatly and are depending on the research area.

With our portfolio of floodlights and searchlights and our willingness to respond to special customer requirements, we are a strong partner for scientists on board as well as the authorities and research institutions operating the ships.

Our floodlights AURIGA, CHAMAELEON, TUCANA, COLUMBA and HERCULES defy even the most adverse climatic conditions when deployed in Antarctica and the tropics. Our VIRGO searchlights, also available in a LED infrared version with an integrated camera, enable reliable observations and recordings even in utter darkness.