ATEX. Our assortment for hazardous areas.


With our products you are on the save side

Health and safety of those working in hazardous areas must be carefully protected – KARL DOSE’s certified EX-products ensure risk-free illumination and safe installation.

Whenever an aircraft needs re-fuelling, tank trucks or dispensers are deployed. These connect the underground fuel lines to the aircraft's tank and ensure that the refuelling process is as clean and emission-free as possible.

Working with fuel increases the risk of explosion in these tank vehicles. To minimize the risk and ensure the safety of people nearby, the indicator lights and installation materials must comply with the special requirements of the European ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

Our EX-products, such as the ACAPULCO EX-light or the SHANGHAI junction box for hazardous areas, are designed in a way that prevents sparks and hot surfaces from triggering explosions in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

This explosion protection is also highly important in certain areas of ships, especially near fuel tanks. Our certified EX-products are applied in these areas as well, thus ensuring safety out at sea.