Sea Rescue Services
We move out, when others move in

Rescue at danger of life

The Sea rescue services on the North- and Baltic Sea are on standby at any time and any possible weather condition – as is our searchlight VIRGO 450 with a body made from stainless steel and ranges of over 5000 meters.

Whenever people at sea are in distress, they come and help. In Germany, the German Society for Rescue of Shipwrecked People (DGzRS) is responsible for rescuing people in the North and Baltic Seas with its 180 permanent employees and over 800 voluntary sea rescue workers. The sovereign task is carried out independently by the non-governmental organization. Around 60 rescue cruisers and boats are in use to secure the German search and rescue areas. 51 of them already rely on KARL DOSE searchlights. This high-quality technological equipment can significantly influence the success of a rescue mission. That we can make a contribution here, makes us proud and is part of our self-image.

Internationally, 5 -additional rescue boats that have been sold to Sweden, Uruguay, Croatia and Cyprus have been equipped with our searchlights so far.