Perfect cooling is guaranteed

Cooling for the containers

Container ships transport a countless number of different products all around the globe. A special cooling system is often required to ensure that sensitive goods in arrive in its original condition safely at the port of destination. For this purpose, our world-renowned reefer container sockets are the best choice.

Containers that transport sensitive goods by ship do often require a high-performing cooling system. In order to ensure cooling during a long sea journey even in the event of temperature fluctuations and vibrations, our multiple container sockets have been a popular choice at many shipyards and shipping companies since the beginning of the 90s. Our products are known for their quality and durability. It is no wonder that even today - after far more than 20 years - spare parts for the first generation of multiple container sockets are still requested by our customers. The technology has been continuously modified over the years. For example, MS "Cap San Raphael" was equipped with the latest SNAPPY container sockets.

KARL DOSE adapts itself to change. With our experience and the necessary know-how we are also happy to respond to special customer requests. One example is our POWER PANEL, specifically designed for MSC container ships, which allows reefer container capacities to be increased at short notice in the event of bottlenecks.