Pilot- & Tug Boats
With our lighting we support the safe handling of the ship during manoeuvring

Pilot- & Tug Boats

An exemplary nautical guidance also depends on the lighting

Pilot boats ensure safe navigation in harbours, rivers and lakes at any time of day and night - our VIRGO series searchlights enable the best possible visibility and hence the safe transfer of pilots.

In order to guide ships safely into the harbour or along a river, local pilots are the indispensable experts who come on board and assist the captain. In every port or river, pilots are employed to guide inbound and outbound ships safely through waters that are risky for non-resident captains.

Taking over the pilot is a potentially dangerous manoeuvre in which the pilot climbs up or down the ship's wall using a rope ladder - the so-called pilot ladder. Poor visibility, ice, swell and darkness increase the risk of an accident. In order to make the takeover as safe as possible, durable and bright DOSE searchlights ensure good visibility at all times. And with our energy-efficient LED technology this even happens in an environment-friendly manner.