Ferries & RORO ships
For a safe crossing

Ferries & RoRo Ships

Transport of goods, vehicles and people

Ferries reliably transport vehicles and goods of all kinds to their destination day and night - with secure power supply through our container sockets and perfectly illuminated by our floodlights and linear luminaires.

RoRo ships (“Roll-on/Roll-off“) are ferries with accessible loading decks on which road and rail vehicles can be transported along with their cargo.

Transporting refrigerated containers poses particular challenges, since the refrigeration units powered by combustion engines must not be operated on board. Our reefer sockets SNAPPY and ARTEMIS offer the ability to provide onboard power supply.

Our reliable and durable NAOS linear luminaires are an excellent option for lighting the loading decks. Furthermore, our ATEX-certified products ensure safe and reliable lighting and electrical installation in hazardous areas around the fuel tanks and the engine room.