100 years of Karl Dose
A special anniversary

100 years of heritage and adventure, 100 years of Karl Dose

100 years of Karl Dose – that does not only sound eventful, it also illustrates the way smaller and bigger challenges have continuously triggered the development of our portfolio and the entire company. Our immanent drive and craftsmanship have always been the solid foundation for innovative product development. By employing former seamen we have succeeded in enhancing our products to be entirely user-oriented.

The constantly evolving market setting has challenged our partners, customers and consequently ourselves again and again, and it will continue to do so. Exceptional time periods like the Great Financial Crisis or the Coronavirus Crisis are going to require for us to constantly reinvent ourselves and in order to return from difficult situations in the best possible way. We have never had and never will have a "keep it up" mentality and plan to keep on using every opportunity for advancement. In this sense we look forward to another successful century.



The chronicle of the family company KARL DOSE

Karl Dose is founded as an OHG by Karl Dose. For more than 40 years, the company has been located in the Carsten-Rehder-Straße at the fish market in HH-Altona with a direct view of the harbour. In the first few years it was a pure craft business for electrical installations. Due to the proximity to the port, the customer base in the shipping sector grew. Until then, the quality of lighting and other electrical materials for the maritime market had been poor. Therefore, the production of these products soon began.

Eggert Dose, brother of the company founder Karl, joins the company and takes over the management after his early death.

Quiet and expansive business development in ever tighter conditions in Carsten-Rehder-Strasse.

Despite considerable damage and the effects of the war, production at the Hamburg location was able to be maintained in the Hanseatic city through the war years.

Jens Dose (son of Karl Dose) and Peter Dose (son of Eggert Dose) join the company. Jens Dose takes over the technical management, Peter Dose initially takes over the commercial management of the company together with his father Eggert. The business situation is a reflection of strong economic fluctuations in shipbuilding and shipping. At all times, however, Karl Dose is a very profitable company.

Relocation to the newly built, modern company headquarters in Försterweg in Hamburg-Stellingen.

Eggert Dose ends his active career, Jens and Peter Dose continue to run the company together.

Dipl.-Kfm. Ullrich Dose (son of Peter Dose) joins the company. A short time later he takes over the commercial management together with his father.

Dipl.- Ing. Detlef Rinne can be won over to the company. He takes over the technical management, initially together with Jens Dose. The business is split into Karl Dose GmbH (active company) and Elektrohandel Karl Dose GmbH & Co. (holding company).

The company and administration building is raised and expanded. After Peter Dose's death, Ullrich Dose is the sole commercial director of the company.

The legendary “DOSE multiple refrigerated container socket” is being developed to market readiness. The delivery of the new sockets starts in 1995. Since then, many 100,000 sockets have been delivered worldwide in continuously revised and optimized versions.

The subsidiary Dose & Rinne Portuguesa Lda. (DRP), a brass and aluminum foundry, is founded in Lordelo, Portugal, to avoid supply bottlenecks and increase flexibility.

Dipl.-Kfm. Thorsten Marquardt can be won over as Marketing / Sales Manager for the company.

The in-house production of a complete series of searchlights begins as a significant expansion of the product portfolio.

The expansion of the company is driven by the renting of additional building capacities in the immediate vicinity. The building area is almost doubled. The production of the floodlight portfolio is being successfully expanded and gradually switched to LED.

Thorsten Marquardt becomes partner and managing partner - responsible for the areas of marketing / sales and controlling.

Detlef Rinne is leaving the company due to old age, but remains a partner.

The company is developing the "DOSE Power Panel" and is launching it very successfully on the market for the mobile addition and seasonal upgrading of the refrigerated container capacities of container ships that are already in service.

Upon reaching the age limit, Mr. Ullrich Dose retires from the operational management, but remains active as a partner in an advisory capacity. In this context, Thorsten Marquardt takes over the overall management. In the midst of the rampant corona pandemic, the company has its 100th anniversary. Despite the gloomy business outlook, investments into the future are still being made. M. Sc. Leif Parker joins the company as the new Marketing / Sales Manager and should continue the DOSE family tradition in the future.