2020 - a year that will leave its mark...

...is coming to an end. - A DOSE review of the year.

Under the sign of the "COVID-19 crisis" we had to cope with considerable human-personal and economic challenges.

So the withdrawal of the name-giving managing director Ullrich DOSE from the operational business as well as the 100th anniversary of the company, would certainly have deserved more glamour and glory than we could have afforded this year due to the known considerable restrictions.

As expected, the unprecedented worldwide economic slump has not left us unaffected. However, thanks to the creativity of all our employees and the introduction of new processes and working models, we were able to leverage savings potential, so that the massive loss of sales was at least partially cushioned.

The topic "COVID-19" will continue to occupy us until well into the next year 2021, both personally and economically.

I would therefore like to take the opportunity to thank all customers and employees for standing together in difficult times. At this point, I would like to express my personal thanks to my long-time friend and partner in the management Ullrich DOSE for all the decades spent together in service of the company. It is especially nice that he will continue to support the company in an advisory capacity

"Health is our greatest asset"

Never has this wisdom been as true as in these days, we should never forget this despite all the operative hectic of everyday life.

Keeping in mind this, I wish you and your families a particularly contemplative Christmas season in 2020 and all of us a confident start to the year 2021.


Yours, Thorsten Marquardt