A special anniversary. 100 years of KARL DOSE

100 years of KARL DOSE. 100 years of passion.

An anniversary address!

100 years in a very volatile market that ignores otherwise valid laws
100 years of competition from all sides, nationally and internationally
100 years of cooperation with demanding customers, conservative and progressive
100 years of absolute quality that is expected at any time with no ifs or buts
100 years of production in Germany, one of the most expensive locations for production worldwide

How does it work?

Well, first of all this is only possible with satisfied customers at all times. With you! Every company says at some point: “We have to love our customers! The customer pays our salary. " But lip service is not enough here. In the long term, this has to be lived, not preached. The loyalty of our customers is for us the greatest reward every day for always seeing them first, always taking them seriously, always treating them as partners. Without really satisfied customers from the ground up, you won't be 100 years old.

Then: our employees. Of course, our employees are well trained, always motivated, they advise and sell with passion. But that's never all. Our engineers, our salespeople, our production, our assembly, our cleaning staff, our logistics, our quality assurance: they all know that we work less for ourselves than for you, the customer. No permanent training is required for this, although this exists of course. Rather, this is part of everyday life in all departments.

In addition, it is of the greatest importance to be able to fall back on a pool of suppliers that have been tried and tested in every respect, at least for the vital parts. In 100 years you have the time and opportunity to differentiate and only be able to access the best partners. Inexpensive supplies in terms of price, quality, delivery performance and good communication are rewarded by us. Just cheap isn't interesting.

It is certainly inappropriate to speak of the next 100 years. Nobody can overlook it, we all live in the here and now. But we are not only confident, but also certain that we can uproot trees together in the future. All of us at KARL DOSE, all employees, but also our international network, our friends around the world are sure to guarantee in the future: Contact DOSE, tick it off and take care of the problems that need to be solved. DOSE will work.

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