Linear Luminary
Excellent for large areas


Whether you want to illuminate cargo holds or vehicle decks, engine rooms or canteens over a large area, you will always make the right decision with our linear luminary light fittings. Choose between our modern SHEN or SPICA series with LED technology for a straightforward design variant.

We offer our proven classic NAOS with conventional fluorescent tubes or energy-saving LED modules. With the NAOS series, you also have the choice between a housing made of seawater-resistant stainless steel and inexpensive polycarbonate.


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  • IP68
  • IP67

SERPENS in several variations

SERPENS in several variations

Product variations: 60 LED / 120 LED

Luminosity: 3.800 lm to 7.500 lm

Protection class: IP66, IP67, IP 68

Main material: Tube: Polycarbonate (diffuse), Caps: Polycarbonate (black),
Mounting clamps: stainless steel)

Suitable for conditions with limited space



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NAOS in several variations

NAOS in several variations

Product variations: LED / LF218 / LF236 / LF218/K / LF236/K / PT207 / PT209 / PT211 / SF218 / SF236 (14 bis 60 watt)

Protection class: IP66

Equipment: Incl. illuminant and ballast unit

Main materials: Powder-coating polycarbonate or stainless steel bright

Lighting current: 500 to 6500 lumen

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Product variation: Shen 24W

Equipment: Without ballast unit, directly on 230V mains voltage

Main materials: Powder-coated aluminium housing, clear polycarbonate cover

Lighting current: 1200 to 1600 lumen