KARL DOSE transformation in full swing - creating the future

A review of the year by Managing Director Thorsten Marquardt

The past year was largely characterized by investments in the future of the company.

We succeeded in recruiting new, highly motivated employees and staff in all areas of the company. In addition, considerable replacement and expansion investments were made in machinery and buildings, both here at the headquarters in Hamburg and at the plant in Portugal. The improved production possibilities have also opened up space for new business options. The supply chains were also readjusted and repositioned.

As a result, the company's targeted resilience has already increased significantly in these economically and politically unstable times. This has laid the foundations for future success.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all employees (and their families) who have driven and supported this development with dedication and tremendous commitment. The processes initiated this year represent the start of a series of further optimizations in the KARL DOSE organization, which will continue to occupy us intensively in the upcoming next year.

Of course, none of this is an end in itself, but rather serves the sole purpose of focusing even more intensively on you, our valued customers, so that we can continue to serve you with innovative quality products from KARL DOSE also in the future.

To all our employees and customers I wish a very merry Christmastime and  a healthy new year 2024.

Stay with us and let’s create the future together,


Best regards,

Yours Thorsten Marquardt