Corona, the 4th

A review of the year by Managing Director Thorsten Marquardt


In 2021, too, considerable personnel bottlenecks had to be overcome due to Corona. In addition, the vulnerability of the supply and raw material chains made the 2nd half of 2021 in particular significantly more challenging than had been expected at mid-year. Planning had to be adjusted, deliveries postponed, and order shortfalls absorbed and compensated for.  In some areas this was achieved successfully, in others only with moderate success.

The uncertain development of the pandemic therefore also represents the greatest unknown for the coming year 2022, into which we are entering optimistically despite all the dangers.

Finally, the good news:

I am particularly pleased to inform you that Mr. MSc Leif Parker will be joining the management of the company effective 01.01.2022. Mr. Parker has already been responsible as Head of Marketing/Sales in the company for the last 2 years and will now perform these functions supplemented by product development in the future also as Managing Director. I am looking forward to fresh ideas, an inspiring future and a good cooperation in the management.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all employees for their commitment under these truly exceptional conditions. I wish you a wonderful Christmas season with your loved ones and, in particular, a healthy New Year 2022, into which we will then start together with renewed confidence.

Your Thorsten Marquardt