Welcome to the team

In February, Sarah Bleichstein joined our team, working in the areas of marketing and sales.

In order to continue to meet our increasingly demanding range of tasks quickly and competently, we are expanding our team by another member. After a six-month internship Ms Bleichstein completed with us in in the first half of 2020, we are delighted that she is now joining us as a permanent employee after passing her IHK final examination.

Born and raised in Lübeck, Ms Bleichstein is leaving her home port and venturing into completely new territory with a move to the metropolis of Hamburg.

Professionally, she is tackling exciting new challenges in her combined field of work.

In addition to her tasks in sales and supporting our foreign agencies, Ms. Bleichstein is, among other things, your contact person for all marketing questions.

We wish Ms Bleichstein much success and enjoyment in her work with our team.