Dose on Air at NDR 90.3

Interview with Kerstin von Stürmer from radiostation NDR 90,3 for the broadcast "Hidden Champions".


In 1929, the world's oldest and still regularly broadcasted radio show went on the air for the first time, and since then it can be listened to - almost without interruption - every Sunday from 6 am. There is also a repetition of the radio show every Sunday from 7 pm.

Recently, the show has been dedicated to the so-called Hidden Champions of Northern Germany, i.e. companies that hardly play a role in the public eye but make an important contribution to global shipping with their products and services.

We are very pleased to be noticed in this context and recently answered host Kerstin von Stürmer's questions. In addition to a historical summary, the focus was on the special suitability of our products for maritime shipping as well as the associated technical requirements. With a view to the here and now, we also commented on the Corona situation and nevertheless dared to take an optimistic look into the future.

If you missed the show, you can listen to the podcast at the following link:,sendung1219464.html